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Your personal leadership narrative combines your professional and your formative story and makes it possible for you to more visibly express and act on the change you want to make in the world.

Working with me to develop your leadership narrative is for you if: 

⁕ you are a CEO or COO leading an organization on the cusp of expansion. A leader that refuses to accept anything other than new levels of progress in service to people and the planet

⁕ you are a social enterprise leader aware that your expert voice needs to be heard in more places and on more platforms for the momentum of real change to take hold

⁕ you are a nonprofit senior leader who has been looking for a comfortable way to be more visible, while keeping the focus on making positive change in the world

⁕ you are a young leader setting out to be intentional with your career in the nonprofit sector

What’s powerful about a Leadership Narrative?

    • be better prepared for increasing demands and a quick-changing organizational environment

    • participate more robustly in dialogue around the issues of great importance to you

    • energize your staff, your donors and potential donors to greater levels of investment in the change you intend to make in the world

    • engage with the media and secure speaking opportunities that align with your mission

What you can expect:

This is not coaching.  But we will use some elements of coaching.

You are engaging me to construct a framework that will support you in being more visible in a way that builds from your unique formative story and is tailored to your digital and in-person visibility preferences.

In the process you will definitely learn things about yourself, but, importantly, you will be prepared to comfortably and confidently raise your visibility in support of the issues you care about.

A few tangible takeaways from the Leadership Narrative process include:

✔️ your “jobs-to-be-done” — we get clear on the change you want to make in the world, and your specific role in making that change, based on your core strengths and personality

✔️ your executive presence attributes

✔️ a set of framing statements that help you be very clear — and uniquely you — in all of your digital and in-person conversations, speaking engagements and written work

✔️your preferred visibility types and guidance on what platforms are likely best for you to focus on

✔️ a LinkedIn profile audit and set of recommended changes

✔️ a speaker’s kit to share with the media and with conference organizers

✔️ implementation support (should you need it)

(If your entire organization could use new, more powerful message framing, consider working with me on your organization content strategy).

I will work with just five (5) leadership narrative clients this year. I’d love to make sure you are supported in 2023!


You’ve really given me an appreciation around not making speaking appearances just about knowing my facts”.

– lawyer & founder of a social justice nonprofit


In the leadership narrative process, I serve to capture your formative story, synthesize your strengths and leadership qualities, and develop rich language to convey your fundamental motivations and passions.  I also help you get focused on the platforms and the priorities that set you on a path to be more visible on digital and in-person.   

It’s all about preparing you to more comfortably and confidently increase your visibility in support of the things you care about. It’s like your north star for developing your visibility.

My 2023 leadership narrative development rate is $4,800 if you schedule prior to September 1, 2023.  (A 3-payment plan is available).     

Let’s set up a 30-minute call (complementary) to explore if you are ready to make your visibility a priority this year.  Click here to schedule a time.