Here’s the recordings for Content Camp for StartUp Nonprofits

Content Camp for StartUp Nonprofits

Watch Part 1 - Start with Strategy

Watch Part 2 - Core of Your Comms: content devo & repurposing basics  

Watch Part 3 - Let’s Connect to Content:  learn with examples

Download the 5 Step Starter Content Strategy

Our Presenters

Shelley Feist headshot

Shelley Feist is the principal of Feist Strategy LLC, founded to provide content strategy and leadership narrative support to nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. Shelley’s experience has been on three sides of the nonprofit sector – as a grantmaker (Pew Charitable Trusts); as a grantee (The Partnership for Food Safety Education and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts) and in setting Federal funding priorities (US Senate Appropriations).

Mychelle black and blue headshot small

Mychelle Garrigan is the principal of Firelink Digital Marketing, LLC, which provides website design, search engine optimization, content writing and social/digital strategy for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She has several years experience working in communications, marketing, operations and development at nonprofit organizations and professional associations. She holds an MSW in social welfare administration.

Be the nonprofit leader that wins the day (and your audience!) with less stress and better results!

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