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When You Listen First, You Build Trust

High Trust Content Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations In this post: First, a story from a nonprofit leader regarding an exit interview with a staff member: Just did an exit interview that made me cry. For all the moments of feeling like I’m not being the leader I want to be,

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The World Called – You Answered

You started a nonprofit organization – now how do you connect with your people? This year alone thousands of social changemakers in the United States have responded to the needs of people and the planet by setting up nonprofit organizations.   Organizations providing health and human services in the U.S. alone

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High Trust Content Marketing: Confront Reality

In confronting reality, empowered nonprofit leaders build trust This article is part of a series on trust-building for nonprofit organizations. I didn’t really want to write about confronting reality.   In the past month, we’ve continued to experience multiple mass shootings and collective pain related to the losses of the

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Trust: Five Developments Nonprofits Should Know About

Trust is a powerful currency for all organizations.  Since 2001, the Edelman Trust Barometer (ETB) has conducted an annual global study of trust by sector.   The 2022 ETB and other recent research contains important take-aways for the US nonprofit sector. Trust in the nonprofit sector (actually, all sectors) down in

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How the Great Resignation Led Me to You!

It really came down in August 2021 with 4.3 million Americans leaving their jobs voluntarily.  The Great Resignation affected the nonprofit sector too. A quick online search reveals postings about waves of senior executives leaving their positions.   I didn’t realize I would be part of this wave, but I was.

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