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Are you ready to level up your content operation and ignite true connections with your people?  This is better content that doesn’t lead to burnout. 

Content Strategy

I work with your team to put a powerful content strategy behind your marketing operation.   User insights are foundational to this work.   This process will set up your non-profit organization for success!  More

Leadership Narrative

Now more than ever your life and leadership stories are important to connecting more powerfully with donors/investors and stakeholders.   My process prepares you for greater visibility in a way that is comfortable for you and that advances your cause.  More

My name is Shelley Feist.

I’m committed to helping nonprofit leaders bring their internal and external communities along on a journey of clarity, purpose and passion.

I’m a former nonprofit executive director and a daughter of a farmer, committed to work that contributes to happy people and a healthy planet.

I’m a freelance content strategist and contractor for strategic communications. 

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When You Listen First, You Build Trust

High Trust Content Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations In this post: First, a story from a nonprofit leader regarding an exit interview with a staff member: Just did an exit interview that made me cry. For all the moments of feeling like I’m not being the leader I want to be,

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The World Called – You Answered

You started a nonprofit organization – now how do you connect with your people? This year alone thousands of social changemakers in the United States have responded to the needs of people and the planet by setting up nonprofit organizations.   Organizations providing health and human services in the U.S. alone

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High Trust Content Marketing: Confront Reality

In confronting reality, empowered nonprofit leaders build trust This article is part of a series on trust-building for nonprofit organizations. I didn’t really want to write about confronting reality.   In the past month, we’ve continued to experience multiple mass shootings and collective pain related to the losses of the

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